Afternoon Tea at Intercontinental Danang

by - July 21, 2019

I briefly mentioned the Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort in my Top Things To Do In Danang post, but thought I'd share a more in-depth review and photos of our afternoon tea experience.

The Intercontinental Danang is a luxury, 5-star resort and one of the most famous hotels in Vietnam, having been designed by the architect Bill Bensley. Even 5-star hotels have their own scale of luxury and is-it-worth-it, but this resort is up definitely up there. A one-night stay is unfortunately not that affordable for the average traveller so we decided to opt for the 'cheaper' way to experience it, which was to book afternoon tea here.

The Citron Restaurant, like the rest of the resort, is fashioned with dark wood and intricate interiors - looks beautiful and expensive, but doesn't feel too pretentiously lavish. But the real highlight is the outdoor seating which is made up of 4 floating pods which look like upside cone hats (called 'non la'). You need to book in advance or risk not being able to be seated outside!

We got a Grab to the hotel, and the drive was relatively quiet and traffic-free as we drove up winding roads. Security was quite tight, with a guard at the entrance to check your booking before they allow you to continue up. And in true, 5-star style, there is a line of staff standing there waiting for you when you arrive.

From the outdoor seating, you can also see the hotel rooms down below which look like little villas with private pools. There is also a diagonal lift that takes residents down to the private beach.

Although we are actually not huge fans of afternoon tea, it was still a lovely experience as we could enjoy a serene meal overlooking the most stunning view with amazing architecture, lush greenery and the cerulean sea. Afternoon tea consisted of finger sandwiches and savoury tarts, scones with clotted cream and lots of sweets including macarons, mini eclairs, cakes and cheesecakes, plus cocktails.

Had the sweetest afternoon basking in the beauty of the resort. Definitely would be the perfect honeymoon destination!

£: 1,599,000++ VND

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  1. Great post! Do check out our visit to Citron Restaurant's Afternoon Tea at Danang Intercontinental as well!

    Happy Travels Everyone!

    Tom & Kate,