Friday, 10 October 2014

sunset over hebe haven

I need to stop buying the same kind of tops in different colours and patterns. And how does one get curvier without eating a shitload of junk? Lacking curves these days (and all the days that have passed actually).

So, what's happened lately? Hong Kong protests happened. Don't want to get all political, but why should we not fight for democracy? Yellow ribbon supporter here. I also got a haircut. And I hate it. Missing those 5 inches of hair. Well, not really, but it just feels really short. Gonna get a digital perm after I get the iPhone 6. Shopping list is too long. Help. And been suffering from Bronchitis apparently for the past 2 weeks. Sigh. Life.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

i vow to blog more

To mark my move to Hong Kong, I have now decided to blog more. Because I actually do more interesting things now that I'm away from home (and when I'm not working, which happens to be like, 6 days a week actually). Upon being faced with a DSLR and a GoPro these past few weeks, I've realised that 1. I am not photogenic (well actually, I realised this a long time ago, but a high-quality cam just reinstated this) and 2. I am also not very good at throwing OOTD poses being the skinny and unfortunately un-model-esque stature that I am.

It's been so hot and humid that the outside world basically functions like a permanent sauna, and experiencing typhoons is quite refreshing, because wind and breeze do not exist here any other time. Kinda missing the UGGs and coat life in the UK.

So, hey guys, welcome to my new home Hebe Haven: