Friday, 2 January 2015

merry christmas

So Christmas consisted of me feeling pretty homesick (missing the festive family fun) and napping for quite a lot of it. But Michelle, Izzy, Paige and I booked a 4-course Christmas lunch at our neighbour Hebe 101 to celebrate, before opening presents dans ma maison. Average roast turkey, some good mushroom soup, and swimmer crab and avocado in a Bloody Mary dressing (best part of the meal).

Our Christmas Corner looking all cute and starry, courtesy of mainly the one strip of tinsel I bought and the many gifts that Louise shipped all the way from Canada. And I received a tin of macarons from a student, and wrapping level = Asian.

hong kong winter

HK winter weather is pretty hormonal and changes a lot. Some days it is freezing and some days it is sweaty Betty. And in this case, it was super cold with painfully bright sunshine (dilemma: to wear sunglasses or nah?) This is prior to my digital perm, at the usual spot Hebe Haven. Wanting to stock up on more jumpers and knits, but having to restrain because there's probably only 3 months of cold weather and then like 9 months of sweat-fest. 

Coat, boots: a Korean boutique
Scarf: a HK boutique
Leggings: H&M
Sunglasses: Chanel