The Instagrammable Places of Prague

by - February 16, 2019

Went on a girls trip a while ago to Prague, Czech Republic and needless to say, we all captured some reasonably aesthetically pleasing photos. It was just a short stay where we underestimated the coldness (bring a thicker coat - it's colder here in the autumn than in the UK) and ended up getting more Ubers than we probably should have as everything generally is within reasonable walking distance. We stayed at the Century Old Town Prague - MGallery by Sofitel which is a 4 star hotel in the city centre with spacious and sleek rooms.

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a UNESCO monument and is also meant to be the world's biggest ancient castle. We had a nice wander through the whole complex which is made up of many different churches, palaces and buildings with gothic and several other types of architecture.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge, which goes over the Vltava River, is another historic site in Prague. looks pretty from the distance as well as up close, with the Praguian buildings in the background. Fortunately for us, it was super sunny with bright blue skies when we came. There is a black gate-like fence at one end where people have been putting love locks on them (to much controversy).

Astronomical Clock

Unfortunately, this was under construction when we visited and the blue scaffolding ain't too pretty, but the tower looks so intricate and is one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world. Actually, as I type this, I'm not even sure what an astronomical clock even does, but it just looked like an old, fascinating, charming relic with pretty details.

John Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is a fun, vibrant backdrop for gram photos. Originally, someone had painted John Lennon and some lyrics on this wall after his assassination, but overtime other people and street artists have been painting on top and now there are just layers and layers of different paintings that are also constantly being painted over. This place draws in big crowds so you have to quickly just try to squeeze in and grab a photo. And the John Lennon Pub is just down the road.


Not necessarily 'instagrammable' per say, but just felt like throwing this in there because why not. Albert Einstein used to come here which kinda makes it worthy of going to already. They also do amazing shots of hot chocolate - like, literally the best, thickest and creamiest hot chocolate I've ever had.

Prague Old Town Square

Lots of quaint buildings, statues and memorials surrounding the bustling square.

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