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by - October 16, 2016

Working the Xiaomi Yi and Bardot dress code at Kamari's Black Sand Beach

Embarking on a new adventure and much-needed break, I finally visited one of the bucketlist ultimates: Santorini. As a hater of sunbathing and deep water, beach holidays kinda aren't my thing. But Pinterest is good marketing and an exception was made for the quest of white buildings with blue roofs.

Nestled on a bitch of a slope was our quaint, open-plan Epavlis Hotel. Our sea-view room on third floor, right next to the swimming pool and bar, perfectly faced sunrise. We set an alarm for 5:45am, and I feel like that was the first and last time I will ever make an effort to wake up for sunrise again, because I've decided I'm more of a sunset kinda gal. But we did have a pretty postcard-perfect scene right outside our window. We opted for Kamari because it was one of the better deals with the travel agency (considering Santorini isn't your cheapest European destination) but in hindsight, I wouldn't have wanted to stay anywhere else.

Bedroom views: Egg yolk

The bustle of Thira and the views of Oia were nice, but I loved the placidity of Kamari most. And the beach front is pretty by day and dreamy by night. There's just something really romantic about dim lighting when waves are lapping in the background.

Kamari is seafood heaven and has the longest strip of restaurants overlooking the sea, and whilst devouring Greek Salad every single day (of course), we also decided to hunt down 3 of Tripadvisor's top 4 restaurants. I primarily wanted to go to Santorini for the white buildings, but food was probably the best part. Shoutout to mah faves:

The most vibrant lunch at Captain's Corner Taverna / Octopus salad at CCT / The best everrrr veg-stuffed calamari and a grilled tentacle the size of my face at Almira

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