happy one year

by - September 07, 2015

So, it just passed our one year anniversary in Hong Kong. Time flies when you're having fun. And working hard! But not working hard on the blog. As someone who has worked 6 days a week for an entire year, a lot has happened considering I spend the majority of my time at work. I have now grown accustomed to the frequent 32 degrees heat in Hong Kong. I don't love the heat, but I guess I'd rather be sweating everyday than in my UGGs for 8 months of the year (which is actually what happens when I'm in the UK). And I say that as I buy a one-way ticket back to England...

Some highlights of the year include seeing my boy Ed Sheeran at Asia World Expo. When can I ballroom dance with him? Bucket list. Going out with Izzy to Wan Chai and LKF. We have actually currently only been TWICE in the past 4 months. Guys, don't forget to work hard play hard. Guess we kinda got lost in the work life and ended up being (attempted) early-night grandmas. A non-highlight was having a neck injury for 3 months, so I guess that contributed to it. I vow to be appreciative of good health always. And to go out more and enjoy my youth. Woo.

We've also had quite a few run-ins with the celebrities. Linda Chung literally right outside my doorstep with a casual snake. And me and Izzy being the secondary film crew slash weird girls taking too many photos of her at the door. (Well, that's what you get, for literally filming outside my doorstep) Along with Bosco Wong, who we were too scared to ask for a photo with. That's one added to life's regrets. I really hate smoking. I really do. But can we all just appreciate how good Bosco Wong looks smoking a cigarette?! -insert photo which I don't have- I also got introduced to Myolie at a party, shook her hand and dougied infront of her. And Nancy Wu. And bumped into Edison Chen and Skepta in the shadows of Volar club. Now when can I bump into Pakho Chau is the question.

Basically every night is sleepover night and live lounge in our little home. We like Taylor Swift. And The Weeknd. And anything rap. And the thought of going back home to live with my parents, although warming, is also kinda sad after being attached to Izzy's hip for the past year (when we are not at work). Apparently, UK is set to hit sub-zero degrees this Autumn. Maybe I'll have to buy a one-way ticket back to HK after I leave...

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