sai kung pier

by - November 11, 2014

After some deep and conclusive chats lately with my crack-den pals Izzy and Paige, we have actually realised that a lot has happened in just 2 months since moving to Hong Kong. Crack-den is the nickname for our flat because, well, one would probably mistake it for a crack-den if they saw it in its messy state, which is embarrassingly often. But actually our little village house is very welcoming with its pink interior, swamps of geckos and nightly live lounge sessions.

I haven't actually had too many crazy outings, having been riddled with bronchitis and generally being a hermit. But I have had a good few drinks courtesy of a random DJ in a bar. This resulted in Izzy throwing up in a bin, with the DJ having to hold her hair back for her whilst she puked to the rhythms of whatever song was playing. It's also my new favourite story to tell everyone.

Other side stories include queuing 3 hours for the My Melody cafe, being given a 1-day notice for a relative's wedding, walking past riot police at 4am, barbecuing in 30 degrees heat, and making new pals when drunk, etc etc. I actually tried making friends sober, but seriously, I'm just too awkward for that. My goal is seriously to make 10 new friends by the end of 2014 (not including colleagues). On 4/10 currently. Getting. There... Slowly.

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