Wednesday, 9 July 2014

slowly, then all at once

Maybe I should start posting more frequently about the things I am fangirling over, because I lack general exciting content in my life that I can actually blog about.

The Fault In Our Stars
An overdue review. Read the book last year, and spent practically half of this year tumblr-ing every possible quote and GIF leading up to the film release. Also, why was it released in the UK a whole month AFTER America?! That was a really painful month.

I read a comedically bad review of it on Goodreads, which I silently agreed with, but I still love it. No, 16 year olds do not talk like that in real life. Gus' love confession sounded contrived, like he had memorised an essay. The story was a lot of lengthy dialogues and monologues, infused with cheesy quotes. (Don't even get me started on the cigarette metaphor) But yes, I still loved it. Upon first read, I thought 'Wow, John Green is a really good writer'. Which he is. He has a way with words, and can make just about anything sound poetic. The title in itself is poetic. (Can we all just take a moment to admire how beautiful the title is... /teary-eyed, clenches fist)

So it's meant to be a YA novel. And I think the thing with YA novels, and why I still like reading them, besides the hype, is that the love portrayed in these stories always seems so pure. As we become adults, we become sceptical about love; it is not perfect, it is painful, consuming etc etc. But from a naive, teenage point of view, first love is just very pure and beautiful (well, at least in fiction anyway). I don't think real love stories happen like it does in TFIOS, but it's nice to read about love in that way right? - to view love from that kind of perspective.

The film was amazing. I bought Kleenex cos I knew I was going to cry. Which I did. Alot. Actually, I started getting super teary when Gus and Hazel started saying 'Okay' back and forth /squeals (so romantic!) Shai made a good Hazel, and Ansel Elgort made a good Augustus. Ignoring the fact that I am a completely emotional human being to begin with, whenever Shai cried, I just wanted to cry loudly into my tissues. Their eulogies to each other broke me. I think my crying was distracting my friends (even though I was trying to be as discreet and quiet as possible, but the feels man. THE FEELS), but I actually really need to get this on DVD when it comes out so I can cry by myself and relish in the moment. It sounds weird, but I love a film that gives me a good cry. And also... who knew Ansel Elgort had such a good body?! Best 2 hours of my month.

Augustus Waters, it was a privilege to have my heart broken by you.

Was inspired to draw this after watching the film cos I'm one of those fangirls.